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There are two options for navigating through this website. There is a browse feature and a search feature.


The browse feature contains two options "Browse collections" or "Browse items". Collections are organized by each individual participant of the project (interviewee). Items make up collections and can be audio files with accompanying indices and/or photographs. The title of each collection consists of the name of the interviewee followed by the word collection, for example, Andy Cylurik collection. When browsing by collection, you can sort results alphabetically by title (ascending or discending) by clicking on the Title link on top of the list. By default, collections are sorted by the date they were added to the website.

When browsing items you can click on any item and at that point you can choose to either listen to the entire interview or to play a certain segment of the interview. You can also click the description tab which will give you important information, such as the date of the interview and other metadata.


If you have a general idea of what you are looking for on the website, you can use the search feature. There are two types of searches: basic and advanced. The basic search is the bar at the top of each page. It does not allow you to search words shorter than four letters, but it does allow you to search both collections and items. It also allows searching within the indices, including summaries, subject terms, and other metadata.

When performing a simple search, the website interprets your search as a keyword and searches everywhere. In addition to that, you have two other options that can be accessed by typing your keyword(s), and then choosing one of the following options:

The advanced search only searches items, as well as their descriptions and indices. Search terms can be shorter (for example, three-letter words like elk or ink, and you can specify more than one keyword. You also have the option to filter your search by a specific collection. The advanced search can be accessed clicking on the three dots next to the search bar and then on the Advanced search hyperlink.

When listening to a specific interview, you can browse summaries/indices by clicking on and expanding individual segments. You can also search within the index using the Search this index box in the right part of your screen. If the word you are searching for is found within the index, it will become red.

Note that clicking on the name of the website LOCAL CULTURES will always take you back to the home page.