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00:00:07 - Biographical information

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Segment Synopsis: The interviewee was born in the village Bereziv, Austria-Hungary, in 1907.
In 1914 the war started, and after this, the Poles have begun to rule over the place where she lived.
She had five brothers and two sisters. She was the sixth child in the family. They lived in oblast Ivano-Frankivs'k (Stanislavivs'ka), Posivs'kyi raion, Kolomyis'kyi povit. Her brothers were taken to the army when the war started, although they were very young. Her father was injured at war, and because of this, he could not move his hand anymore. He was paid 140 Krones compensation and bought cattle with this money.

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GPS: Interview location: Edmonton, Alberta
Map Coordinates: 53.534444, -113.490278
00:09:03 - Coming to Canada

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Segment Synopsis: The interviewee came to Canada in October 1930 and arrived in Saskatchewan. Three of her uncles (brothers of her mother) were already in Canada since 1907. In 1937 she was working at the farm and earned 5 dollars a month. She did this for ten years. Later she was able to earn ten dollars a month in the city. However, there were not enough jobs there.

00:14:59 - Memories from the 1930s (food and clothing)

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Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Zuzak had been working on a farm in the 1930s.
As she milked the cows, she remembers being very happy about the fact that she could drink as much milk as she wanted. Once, she got some clothes from the girl on the farm, which helped her.
For breakfast, porridge was a usual meal. For dinner, they ate bread, beans and meat (in the cases when they had some). For the holidays they had holubtsi and pyrohy. Earlier, they used to wear kiptari (vests) made from leather. In Canada, the wolves were afraid of these Ukrainian kiptari. The material was usually self-produced. She used to spin, but since she got a sore spine, she stopped doing this since she was afraid to get a hump.

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00:26:45 - Church

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Segment Synopsis: She used to attend church with her father and liked it a lot. Remembers how she looked at him, compared with other men, and thought that he was the most beautiful.
As she became older, she could not attend the church anymore since walking became very hard. It was when she switched to reading the prayer book at home instead of going to the service.