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00:00:00 - Music and dances

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Segment Synopsis: The interviewee recorded a CD with Ukrainian songs together with her husband. As she was a child, she sang haivky on Easter (such as "Horobchyku, spatku"). Grandmother used to read the Bible to the children.
Sometimes they attended dance events in the town hall which were usually happening Saturdays. The following types of dances were danced: polkas, kolomeykas, foxtrot, waltzes, square dances.
Theatre plays were performed in the community; her mother was sometimes also involved too.

Subjects: dance; religion; songs

GPS: Interview location/locality: Teulon
Map Coordinates: 50.385833, -97.261111
00:03:33 - Memories of earlier times; neighbours

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Segment Synopsis: Ukrainian was Mrs. Picklyk's first language; later, she learned English. The nearest neighbours were grandparents (Hrynyk), Savchuk, Stasiuk, Danylchuk, Fedirchuk, Tiutiunnyk. At school, she played basketball. Since they had only kerosene lamps and no electricity, lightning was sometimes challenging. Once in the summertime, they had a picnic, which was a real treat for children since they got bananas and ice-creams.

Subjects: bananas; ice cream; kerosene lamps; languages; neighbors