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00:00:00 - Neighbours and community

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Segment Synopsis: They had Kawalchuk, Bordnuk, Gordie, Baraniuk, and then Zhevoluk as neighbours (spelling of names unknown). They were Ukrainians, but they came from all different areas in Ukraine and area. They had Ukrainians and some Belorussians. Talks about other names of people in the area. They would go out to the lake frequently. His parents' friends were his friends' parents. Everyone was friendly. If you went to town to go shopping, you wouldn't lock the house, you would just go. They played ball. Some people would make homemade skates, but he never learnt how to skate. The rich kids in town would play hockey.

Subjects: community; neighbors

GPS: Interview location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Map Coordinates: 53.534444, -113.490278
GPS: Locality: Boyle, Alberta, Canada
Map Coordinates: 54.587417, -112.803361
00:05:59 - Pasttimes

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Segment Synopsis: His family played records on gramophone, some reading, listen to the radio (at the neighbours). They didn't get a radio until maybe 1939. It was a big entertainment for them. There were Norwegians, English, Hungarians in the area.

Talks about his family and community histories he has participated in.

Subjects: entertainment and recreation; radio; reading