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00:00:00 - Dances

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Partial Transcript: Did you have dances?
They were held in the halls?
How often?
Do you recall the names of the dances?
Do you remember what instruments were played?
What kind of music was played?
Did you celebrate Malanka?

Segment Synopsis: Dances were held as fundraisers several times a year at the church hall. Pauline discusses the types of dances, including waltz, polka, schottische and the krakowiak and the music that was played, specifically polka's. She lists the instruments including guitar,

Keywords: Krakoviak; Pushchenia; malanka

Subjects: dance; dance genres; musical instruments; polka; polka (dance); schottische

GPS: Interview location, Edmonton, Alberta

Map Coordinates: 53.55014, -113.46871
GPS: Locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan
Map Coordinates: 53.36678, -104.00092
00:03:41 - Language

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Partial Transcript: So you said that your first language was Ukrainian?
What language did you speak at home?
And when you went to school?
Did you ever attend a Ukrainian language school?

Segment Synopsis: Ukrainian was the primary language spoken at home. Standard education was in English, however Pauline attended Ukrainian lessons in the summer in Winnipeg and at the church hall.

Keywords: English; Ukrainian

Subjects: language; language schools

GPS: locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan
Map Coordinates: 53.36678, -104.00092
00:04:29 - Social Life, Neighbours, Friends

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Partial Transcript: Who were your nearest neighbors?
Were they also of Ukrainian background?
And what time approximately did Ukrainian families start moving in?
How many families were there in the area?
Who were your best friends?
What things did you like to do together?
Who were your parents friends?
Did you or anyone in your community play sports?
What did you do in leisure time with your family?
You mentioned there were other ethnic groups in your community, there was Scottish people, English and a few Germans?

Segment Synopsis: Most of the area was English and Scottish and the Ukrainian settlers moved in later. The Anglo-Saxons would send dogs after the Ukrainians and use a number of racial slurs towards them. About 10-12 Ukrainian families lived in the area after 1936. Most of Pauline's friends were Ukrainian and she talks about the things she and her friends did for fun.

Keywords: leisure time

Subjects: ethnic groups; ethnicity; neighbors; softball

GPS: locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan
Map Coordinates: 53.36678, -104.00092
00:10:30 - Closure

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Partial Transcript: Has anyone in your family collected information on family history?

Segment Synopsis: Pauline's father wrote a book called "Dido's Children" in Ukrainian, but it wasn't published until it was translated into English in the 1970's.

Subjects: family history

GPS: Locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan
Map Coordinates: 53.36678, -104.00092