Interview with Pauline Lysak 1.1

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Interview with Pauline Lysak 1.1


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Kuranicheva, Anna


Lysak (nee Hryhor) , Pauline

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5.4 Interview with Pauline Lysak 1.1 2003-091-006 30:18 U1 Local Cultures Lysak (nee Hryhor) , Pauline Kuranicheva, Anna mp3 2003-091-006.mp3 0 Other audio English, some Ukrainian 92 Origins, birthplace, education, work, family What is your name? Were there more than one version of your first name and last name, in English? When were you born? Where were you born? Did you move before the Second World War? What kind of education did you have? What was the size of your family? Pauline Lysak (nee Hryhor) was born August 7th, 1934 in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. Her family moved to Aylsham, Saskatchewan in 1939 and then back to Nipawin in 1941, prior to moving to a farm. Pauline finished the 12th grade in Saskatchewan and went on to study at Grant MacEwan in Edmonton, Alberta leading to a career as a social worker in the child welfare sector in Alberta. She grew up the 7th of 9 children. birthplace ; education ; elementary education ; family ; family life ; names ; occupation ; post-secondary education ; secondary education ; siblings ; surnames ; work 53.55014, -113.46871 17 Interview location, Edmonton, Alberta 53.36678, -104.00092 17 locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan 264 Meals Could you describe the typical meals? Pauline describes her typical family meals growing up including the fact that meat was very expensive and not eaten that much, and her mother's vegetable and fruit gardening. pich gardening ; Meals ; Mealtimes 53.36678, -104.00092 17 locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan 360 Christmas Meal and Tradition What did you eat on Christmas Eve? Did you do anything else at Christmas? Where does your knowledge come from? Pauline describes the traditional 12 dishes of Christmas Eve dinner and various traditions for the Holiday including the traditional bread, sheaf of wheat and watching for the star before the meal. Talks briefly about caroling and children's traditions at Christmas. Christmas Eve ; kolach ; kutia ; twelve dishes Christmas ; religious holidays ; tradition N53.220, W104.03 17 Locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan 554 Easter Meals and Traditions What did you eat at Easter? Pauline describes Easter practices including church rituals, Easter baskets and the following meal. babka ; Easter basket ; paska Easter ; Easter eggs ; pysanky ; religious holidays 53.36678, -104.00092 17 Locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan 622 Groceries What groceries were purchased at the store at that time? Pauline talks about sugar rations during the war and her parents' grocery store. sugar rations grocery stores ; meats 53.36678, -104.00092 17 locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan 730 Clothing What kind of clothing did you wear? Discussion of winter and summer clothing, including shared clothing and hand-me-downs. clothing ; hand-me-downs N53.220, W104.03 17 Locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan 818 Chores What chores were you responsible for as a child? Pauline describes that, as one of the youngest children, she did some of the more simple chores. chores ; farm chores 53.36678, -104.00092 17 Locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan 848 House Decorations and Furniture How was your house decorated? Any decorations on the wall? Description of the flooring, furniture and decorations in Pauline's family home. furniture ; icons ; interior design 53.36678, -104.00092 17 locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan 979 Crafts and Hobbies What crafts were practiced in your family, if any? Mother made pysanky and a little embroidery, father liked reading. crafts ; Easter eggs ; folk art ; pysanky 53.36678, -104.00092 17 Locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan 1082 Church Did you go to church? What kind of church was it? Did you or your sisters make Easter eggs or anybody else in your family? Building of the church, attending church occasionally. church services ; Easter ; pysanky ; religion ; Ukrainian Orthodox Church 53.36678, -104.00092 17 Locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan 1222 Holidays and Celebrations Did you celebrate or observe birthdays? What about Canada day? When did you celebrate Christmas? Thanksgiving? What about Halloween? Did you celebrate Jordan? Did you also celebrate Parish Saints Days? Talks about various observation of holidays and celebrations, including Ukrainian and English celebrations. Canada Day ; Spasa birthdays ; celebrations ; Christmas ; civic holidays ; Halloween ; holidays ; Julian Calendar ; religious holidays ; Thanksgiving day 53.36678, -104.00092 17 Locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan 1453 Songs and Stories Did you or your family sing songs? Did you also sing songs in English or mostly in Ukrainian? On what occasions would you sing songs? What kind of stories did you hear? You also mentioned that your dad was a story teller, and what kind of stories did he tell? Would your grandparents and your father tell stories on specific occasions? Did you used to tell any stories? Pauline discusses her families love of singing. All songs were in Ukrainian. Grandmother used to tell stories about Ukraine. Father was self educated, worked in politics and told political stories. vinkopletennia caroling ; Christmas carols ; music ; songs ; storytelling ; weddings 53.36678, -104.00092 17 Locality, Nipawin, Saskatchewan No transcript. audio 0



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