Interview with Ralph Trombal 1.2

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Interview with Ralph Trombal 1.2


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Kozakov, Serhiy


Trobal, Ralph

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5.4 Interview with Ralph Trombal 1.2 2004-091-0706 18:47 U1 Local Cultures neighbors entertainment and recreation singing dances (social events) holidays Trobal, Ralph Kozakov, Serhiy mp3 2004-091-0706.mp3 0 Other audio English 0 House, breakfast The house was decorated with flowers from the garden, framed pictures, carpet on the floor, linoleum floor in the kitchen, curtain and drapes in the living room. Hydro didn't come to the farm until 1951. There was a kitchen for summer and a kitchen for winter. The summer kitchen was used so the house didn't get too hot while the winter kitchen was used to help warm the house. People were extremely happy when electricity came to the area. Breakfast saw lots of hot cereal. Corn Flakes, egg, toast, coffee, milk, bacon and eggs. 50.38581, -97.26176 12 Interview location: Teulon, Manitoba 50.2394, -96.48809 12 Locality: Brokenhead, Manitoba 125 Neighbours, visiting, entertainment Neighbours lived anywhere from a quarter mile away to a half mile away. There were 8 or 9 people nearby. Most of the people there were Ukrainian, but some were English or Polish. They visited neighbours back then because there were fewer amenities at home. They would visit or be visited every week. People might only come by to chat for half an hour, but they would stay to chat. For entertainment, things were quiet back then. They would visit, go shopping, go to a movie (after shopping), or do Sunday drives with picnics. Ralph's father, during the drives, would say that the beauty in nature was just like God. 50.2394, -96.48809 12 Locality: Brokenhead, Manitoba 310 Church, holidays Ralph's family was Catholic, but they didn't go to church that often or regularly. That said, Ralph did do his catechism. The church was 5 miles away and, thus, very far. Christmas was a big holiday. They would go to Ralph's maternal grandparents' house to visit. On Easter, they would go to church as well as the grandparents' house. Remembrance Day was recognized, but it wasn't as big as the other days. New Years was a big day, even if people didn't go out. 50.2394, -96.48809 12 Locality: Brokenhead, Manitoba 481 Dancing, singing Ralph's parents loved to dance, but they didn't do it too often. Ralph's father was a bit more reserved. Ralph loved to dance as well. Ralph's father loved to sing and would do so after meals and Ralph can remember the songs he would sing. He also knew that music had to come from the diaphragm. He subtly taught Ralph to perform and appreciate good music. Sometimes, Ralph's parents would sing together ; his mother didn't sing as often, but she would sing. 50.2394, -96.48809 12 Locality: Brokenhead, Manitoba 622 School concerts, dances, and raising funds They always had a school concert that took the form of a play, a poem recital, or even a dance. They always had a Nativity Scene as well. There were dances at the rural schools as a means of raising money for the school. In those days, government would pay for the upkeep of the school and the teacher's salary, but nothing else. If the school wanted something else (more equipment or new paint), they had to raise money on their own. Thus, school dances with an entry fee became popular. Sometimes, they would get volunteers to do the work needed. Sometimes, during election time, candidates would make appearances before the community in the schools as a way of campaigning. The school acted as a community centre for the rural areas. 50.2394, -96.48809 12 Locality: Brokenhead, Manitoba 843 Post office, friends and games Brokenhead had a post office which they would have to walk to in order to get their mail. Mail came on Tuesday and Friday. A lot of the time, kids would pick up the mail on their way home from school. Ralph's friends were kids with the same interests or were at least comfortable with. Games they played were soccer, softball, tag, Auntie-I-over, green light red light, and other children's games. Ralph describes some of the games. The games were good, clean, and full of action. 50.2394, -96.48809 12 Locality: Brokenhead, Manitoba 1027 Language Sometimes, people visiting would speak Ukrainian, though they might go between Ukrainian and English. In school, it was strictly English. At social events, like weddings, younger people spoke English while the older ones might have spoken Ukrainian. Gradually, everything became English. 50.2394, -96.48809 12 Locality: Brokenhead, Manitoba No transcript. audio 0



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