Interview with Anna Zuzak 1.2

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Interview with Anna Zuzak 1.2




A male person (a family member?) is also present in the room.







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Chernevych, Andriy


Zuzak, Anna

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5.4 Interview with Anna Zuzak 1.2 2004-091-0578 28:33 U12 Local Cultures schools dances songs Zuzak, Anna Chernevych, Andriy mp3 0 Other audio Ukrainian. English 4 Memories from the 1930s, Easter celebrations The interviewee got married in 1937 in Tarnopol, SK. Easter was a vital celebration ; they baked a big paska. Then they took it to the church [sings a small excerpt from the church service]. She used to attend both Catholic and Orthodox churches and learned to decorate pysanka in Canada. They used to celebrate Malanka in Tarnopol, SK [memories about posivannia]. 53.534444, -113.490278 12 Interview location: Edmonton, Alberta 672 Singing and dances Earlier, they used to sing a lot, and special songs usually accompanied different types of work. [The interviewee sings short ragments of various songs]. They used to have different events where they danced square dances, kolomyikas, hutsulkas. Such music instruments as tsymbaly and fiddle used to accompany the pieces. 1081 Memories of the 1930s When Mrs. Zuzak arrived in Canada in the 1930s, a church and Narodnii Dim were already built. She remembers being impressed with the fact that a wife of her relative had a dirty kitchen and was still able to bake delicious bread. [The male interviewee who is present in the room is speaking] The father of the interviewee used to teach a group of young people to dance. His name was Dmytro Zuzak. They had a farm on the South of Tarnopol. Their life in the 1930s was tough ; when the war started, it was also a hard period because men were taken to the army. The interviewee mentioned a crisis of 1937. [Mrs. Zuzak read the poem about feeding the birds she learned in the first class of the elementary school in Ukraine.] The interviewee said that according to her opinion, the school books in Ukraine were more of a teaching character, whereas, in Canada, they looked more like comics to her. A male person (a family member?) is also present in the room. No transcript. audio 0



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