Interview with Olga Hanec 1.2

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Interview with Olga Hanec 1.2


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Chernevych, Andriy


Hanec, Olga

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5.4 Interview with Olga Hanec 1.2 2004-091-0543 16:24 U1 Local Cultures Hanec, Olga Chernevych, Andriy mp3 2004-091-0543.mp3 0 Other audio English 0 Dance, concerts, language Olga's family sometimes went to dances at weddings and other events, but not common social dances. Olga's father tried violin, but didn't take to it. Olga played piano and organ. Before she got married, she lost interest in piano, and Olga's father sold it. Olga used to go to concerts when she was young. They had a lot more concerts than they do now. She went to Ukrainian school to learn the language. She would attend concerts with the church, as well. She started Ukrainian dance when she was in her teens. Olga's first language was Ukrainian. She picked up English playing with other kids. She learned formal English in public school. She went to night school to learn how to write Ukrainian. In junior high, she took French and Latin but didn't learn how to speak them. She only learned a little Latin, but learned more French. dances (social events) ; language ; music 49.8844, -97.14704 17 Interview location/locality: Winnipeg, Manitoba 306 Neighbours, friends, activities Olga's nearest neighbours were mostly Ukrainian, Polish or German. She lived on College Avenue. Olga shows the interviewer a map. Olga's best friends were from school or church. Games played: hide and seek, baseball, skipping, they would build things out of snow in the winter, and they would go to wading pools in the summer. Olga's parents' friends were from church or from work. Olga's mother worked at Eaton's and privately cleaning houses. They had friends at work and friends at church. No real close friends except maybe neighbours. Olga didn't play many sports besides baseball. For entertainment, Olga's family would read, listen to the radio, visit people, going to church events. Her parents didn't get out much after their work days ended. entertainment and recreation ; friends ; neighbors 49.8844, -97.14704 17 Locality: Winnipeg, Manitoba 604 End of interview, additional information No one in Olga's family has done a family history or genealogy. Olga might have some photographs for the interviewer to see another day. Olga shows the interviewer some photographs and explains what's in the photographs. family histories ; photographs 49.8844, -97.14704 17 Locality: Winnipeg, Manitoba No transcript. audio 0



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