Interview with Anne Elias 2.3

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Interview with Anne Elias 2.3


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Kuranicheva, Anna


Elias, Anne

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5.4 Interview with Anne Elias 2.3 2003-091-013 30:22 U2 Local Cultures Elias, Anne Kuranicheva, Anna mp3 2003-091-013.mp3 0 Other audio English 12 Marriage They talk about marriage and weddings, it's preparation and logistics, customs, and memories. Discussed topics include: - Preparation of the wedding reception, food and drinks, responsibilities for those who cooked food. - Music: musicians, type of musical instruments, dances, singing. - Wedding customs: wedding bread ; wedding gifts. - The most popular time of year for weddings, what was usually summer. - Typical age to get married. - Marriages between people of different nationalities. - Anne's special memories of weddings: story about a lemon pie. holubtsi ; kolach ; Lebanese ; nachynka ; Romanians ; tsymbaly ; two steps (dance) ; Ukrainians bread ; church weddings ; dance ; ethnic groups ; fiddles ; folk dance ; gifts ; group dance ; marriage ; marriage age ; mating season ; pies ; polka (dance) ; ritual meals ; square dance ; wedding music ; wedding parties ; wedding receptions ; wedding songs 53.532689, -113.506362 17 Interview location: Edmonton, Alberta 695 Death They talk about customs and memories related to death. Discussed topics include: - A story about Anne's grandfather that passed away right after the wedding. - Preparations for the funerals: making kolachi. Serving of food, variety of food and drinks. - The way a death is announced: word of mouth. Wakes, and body preparation, - The form of burial: timing, priest visiting, burial procession through all places the deceased visited to the graveyard. - Mourning customs and memorials of the deceased: specific days and time of the year, ritual meals. kolach ; Provody death ; death rites ; funerals ; funerary rituals ; memorial services ; mourning rituals ; ritual meals ; wakes 53.532689, -113.506362 17 Interview location: Edmonton, Alberta 1265 Stories and proverbs Anne's grandmother was good at stories, telling tales, although Anne does not recall any stories or proverbs. family stories ; narratives 53.532689, -113.506362 17 Interview location: Edmonton, Alberta 1392 Dance and music They talk about dances and music. Anne's parents discouraged her going to dances, and children in her family have been supervised at dances. dance 53.532689, -113.506362 17 Interview location: Edmonton, Alberta 1469 Concerts, stage performance Talk about community performances: concerts, Ukrainian plays of different kinds. The interviewee performed in some plays. comedies ; concerts ; performance ; stages (performance spaces) 53.532689, -113.506362 17 Interview location: Edmonton, Alberta 1587 Pastimes and social activities They talk about pastimes and social activities. Anne talks about the &quot ; 4H club,&quot ; and other clubs that existed in the 1940s, but she did not belong to any clubs. One place to attend was following a &quot ; preacher woman&quot ; to a place where everyone sang together, and participants had been invited through schools. Anne's family subscribed to newspapers (for farmers, Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian), but had only a few books at home, mostly readers, and no radio. Socializing was mostly in school, church and at the hall, with friends, cousins and neighbours to spend time together. Anne's female friends later become her aunts, after getting married to her uncles. best freinds ; clubs (associations) ; friends ; neighbors ; newspapers ; preachers ; readers 53.532689, -113.506362 17 Interview location: Edmonton, Alberta 49.8844, -97.14704 17 locality: Winnipeg, Manitoba No transcript. audio 0



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